Who gives a wrap!

Who gives a wrap!

Does anyone else struggle with wrapping presents? It does not matter how much time I spend on wrapping a gift or what shape it is, it ends up looking like it fell off the hot mess express! Why should I care anyway? The wrapping of a present literally will look pretty under the tree for about two seconds before my children tear into each gift like a savage animal looking for food.

wrapping meme

My friends and family have laughed at how I wrap presents, but does it really affect the gift giving experience? Every year I think that buying pretty wrapping paper will somehow make me a better present wrapper. Well, I should just quit that thought, because it’s never going to happen.

And to those who take the time to refold the already used wrapping paper, why????? Is it really worth the effort? It just makes me laugh at the thought of my family trying to save the wrapping paper on Christmas day. The wrappers are litterally shred into pieces that would line a hampster cage!

wrapping mess

This picture is what my house looks like five minutes after my kids tear through all of their gifts! There is no saving that paper!

Gift bags are a wonderful thing!

Merry Christmas everyone! I thought I would just share my thought on this! Let me know your thoughts on present wrapping. Are you the perfect present wrapper, or not so much.



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