A Picture is worth a thousand words…..

A Picture is worth a thousand words…..

For a while now, about a month it has taken me to think about what to write for my first blog post. I am new to this blogging thing and am excited to give it a go. First of all, I’m Emily. I am a mom of two boys, ages three and eight. They are quite lovely but quite crazy! It wasn’t until yesterday that I decided what I wanted to share first.

We had decided to take a trip to a Bass Pro store to visit Santa at his workshop and see the big fish tank. Every year I am excited to go. However this year my husband was unable to attend. I was going to take on two very excited children on my own, in a very busy store.

My children were dressed very nicely for a picture with Santa. I decided to get a picture of themIMG_3032christmas tree, just to have a nice picture of them smiling and not fighting, or shooting darts at each other with a nerf gun.

What I will now mention is that during this exact picture, two seconds before they were arguing, throwing toys, and name calling eachother, and when I asked for a picture they stopped, hugged eachother for this picture then resumed arguing.

This picture is staged as beautiful, my house from first glance of this picture appears clean, neat and well put together. What this picture doesn’t show is the disarray that my house is in, toys everywhere, laundry, dirty dishes, and plenty of undone chores. Did I mention, that our cat Tuck was mountain climbing his way up the tree, while my dog Jake was barking at him.

The point of this picture is, aside from my adorable children, life is not perfect, although a picture may seem it. We get caught up in the moments of trying to “stage” how we want or think our lives should be. Life isn’t perfect, it is full of bloopers. Life is a learning process, and the best company is the ones we love the most.

I am hoping to create an audience to share life, parenting, and everyday experiences with and to exchange advice. I invite who ever reads this post to share a moment or a picture “perfect” or not with a little blurb about what it means to you!



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