This and That!

This and That!

So we survived 2017! Just barely, but still lived to see another day. With school, and work, and mommin’ it is hard to get away or even spend a moment to myself. After spending a majority of Sunday relaxing and being lazy, I finally woke from my daytime slumber, got up, made myself presentable to the general public and went and got a manicure! I never do this! I haven’t had a manicure since October. It was wonderful! I also had a paraffin wax treatment done on my hands. Being a nurse, or any health care worker I recommend these. Not only does this treatment help with very dry skin, but has added benefits such as soothing symptoms of conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. The wax treatment works “as a type of heat therapy, by increasing blood flow, relaxing tight muscles, and stiff joints.” Afterwards, I went shopping, and I just shopped everywhere! I hit up Kohls, Walley, Home Depot, and lastly TJMaxx-a personal fave of mine…Yes, I am a “Maxonista.” The shopping was great because it was uninterrupted by two little boys that I love so dearly. Usually, they go with me to shop, and they beg for every toy in the store, and hang from the cart like wild banshees! During my shopping trip, I was able to buy clothes, gifts for my youngest son’s upcoming birthday, Christmas stuff for next year, and various other crap that I am sure I do not need. My husband, I think realizes, when I say “I’m going shopping without the boys” really means…”I’m going to lose my shit if I have to take them with me so please watch them for 2-4 hours so I can get some quiet time”! He is a good man!

Another think I would like to talk about is this hand cream I was fortunate to stumble upon. In talking about doing things for myself, I was able to score a membership to the Fabfitfun box in December. It arrived at my house sometime in the middle of December. At the time my family had taken some personal hits so I was too busy, stressed, mad, sad, you name the emotion we were going through it. Over this past weekend I was able to sift through the box and really examine the contents of the box. There were many wonderful things in the box, but one of my favorites was the AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Hand cream. I originally thought it was going to be another hand lotion that wouldn’t work for me. I’m a nurse, my hands get dried out, cracked, itchy, sore, and rough from all the frequent handwashing I do. This stuff is amazing, and surprisingly enough it doesn’t leave that yucky filmy residue that alot of the other lotions leave! I will be sad once this product runs out, but will fork out the extra cash to keep using this product. Fellow nurses and healthcare workers, this lotion gets and A+ in my book, and I recommend trying it, it is definatley worth the money! This size lotion retails for $33.

Lastly, I am on my feet all day. I wear compression socks. Many of them can look like boring old lady socks…Me being the maxonista that I am…probably about 3x a week…ssssh don’t tell my husband! I found these wonderful compression socks that are branded: Dr. Motion everyday. They retail for $5.99 at TJmaxx, and can be found in either the sock section, or on the racks by the check out. They do have cute prints, and cuts…each location is different. I have two that are close to me so I am always going back and forth.


Good night, and sweet dreams!



Who gives a wrap!

Who gives a wrap!

Does anyone else struggle with wrapping presents? It does not matter how much time I spend on wrapping a gift or what shape it is, it ends up looking like it fell off the hot mess express! Why should I care anyway? The wrapping of a present literally will look pretty under the tree for about two seconds before my children tear into each gift like a savage animal looking for food.

wrapping meme

My friends and family have laughed at how I wrap presents, but does it really affect the gift giving experience? Every year I think that buying pretty wrapping paper will somehow make me a better present wrapper. Well, I should just quit that thought, because it’s never going to happen.

And to those who take the time to refold the already used wrapping paper, why????? Is it really worth the effort? It just makes me laugh at the thought of my family trying to save the wrapping paper on Christmas day. The wrappers are litterally shred into pieces that would line a hampster cage!

wrapping mess

This picture is what my house looks like five minutes after my kids tear through all of their gifts! There is no saving that paper!

Gift bags are a wonderful thing!

Merry Christmas everyone! I thought I would just share my thought on this! Let me know your thoughts on present wrapping. Are you the perfect present wrapper, or not so much.


A Picture is worth a thousand words…..

A Picture is worth a thousand words…..

For a while now, about a month it has taken me to think about what to write for my first blog post. I am new to this blogging thing and am excited to give it a go. First of all, I’m Emily. I am a mom of two boys, ages three and eight. They are quite lovely but quite crazy! It wasn’t until yesterday that I decided what I wanted to share first.

We had decided to take a trip to a Bass Pro store to visit Santa at his workshop and see the big fish tank. Every year I am excited to go. However this year my husband was unable to attend. I was going to take on two very excited children on my own, in a very busy store.

My children were dressed very nicely for a picture with Santa. I decided to get a picture of themIMG_3032christmas tree, just to have a nice picture of them smiling and not fighting, or shooting darts at each other with a nerf gun.

What I will now mention is that during this exact picture, two seconds before they were arguing, throwing toys, and name calling eachother, and when I asked for a picture they stopped, hugged eachother for this picture then resumed arguing.

This picture is staged as beautiful, my house from first glance of this picture appears clean, neat and well put together. What this picture doesn’t show is the disarray that my house is in, toys everywhere, laundry, dirty dishes, and plenty of undone chores. Did I mention, that our cat Tuck was mountain climbing his way up the tree, while my dog Jake was barking at him.

The point of this picture is, aside from my adorable children, life is not perfect, although a picture may seem it. We get caught up in the moments of trying to “stage” how we want or think our lives should be. Life isn’t perfect, it is full of bloopers. Life is a learning process, and the best company is the ones we love the most.

I am hoping to create an audience to share life, parenting, and everyday experiences with and to exchange advice. I invite who ever reads this post to share a moment or a picture “perfect” or not with a little blurb about what it means to you!